What is Love

 1° What is Love

Agnes and Salem De Bezenac

What is Love describes all the cool parts of love, how love makes you want to do stuff for others, and how love is beyond not feeling like it. Another great book from icharacter with some important lessons.

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My Precious Baby Dear

 2° My Precious Baby Dear

Andrea Elder

What are all the new things a baby will learn when they come into the world? My Precious Baby Dear helps us remember, and reminds us what is most important, a lovely book for babies, toddlers, and children learning to read.

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Hazel's Secret Life

 3° Hazel's Secret Life

Eric Stone

Tina has a problem! Her dog Hazel is getting way too fat, and she doesn't know why! Can her family help her solve the mystery of the pudgy pooch? Based on a true story. From now until the end of the year the author is donating one dollar of every sale to his local school system.

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Bobby Bumble's Afraid to Fly

 4° Bobby Bumble's Afraid to Fly

Ethan Crownberry

Bobby Bumble has a problem; he’s afraid of heights. Ridiculed by his brothers about his inability to fly, he retreats into his honeycomb, too ashamed to show his face outside. Bobby Bumble learns to overcome his fears, and what it really means to be brave, in this fun rhyming story.

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Turtle Trouble

5° Turtle Trouble

Amy Upshaw and Salem de Bezenac, Illustrated by Agnes de Bezenac

Telling the truth, or covering up? That’s what our little character in this story is mulling over in his little mind. A short story told from a child's perspective, aimed at teaching children hows and whys of good behaviour.

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The Girl Who Saw God

6° The Girl Who Saw God

Henrique Komatsu

A story of a girl who believes everything that is real can be seen, and her grandmother who shows her the otherwise.

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